Most incumbent presidents are re-elected.

I prefer members of Congress who aren’t indicted.

The current world wide bout of inflation has been caused by the worst pandemic since 1918.

In just 9 months President Biden has recovered the economy with 5.6M new jobs, gotten 80% of a divided country vaccinated and passed the largest Infrastructure bill with rare bipartisanship.

Jeff Fortenberry has served in Washington for sixteen years and has no significant accomplishments.

Jeff Fortenberry told his constituents he was being investigated by the FBI.
Nelson’s new books give the reader a front row seat to how the Senate works — when it works.
Tucker Carlson has even told his followers to get forged vaccination cards.

President Biden has created a record 4 million jobs in just 7 months.

The 1987 Game of the Century Part II was another number one versus number two matchup.

Dennis Crawford

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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