All Hail The 1915 National Champions — the Nebraska Cornhuskers!

Dennis Crawford
1 min readDec 23, 2023
Guy Chamberlain.

Schools are looking back at their histories and claiming national championships in past seasons. It was considered to be a mythical national championship before the BCS system and the college football playoff.

The 1915 Nebraska Cornhuskers have a legitimate claim to a national title. They went 8–0 and won by an average score of 35–5. Nebraska’s most impressive win was 20–19 over Notre Dame. The Huskers had a 34 game unbeaten streak between 1912–16.

They were coached by the legendary Jumbo Stiehm and the Huskers were also called the “Stiehm rollers.” Stiehm went 35–2–3 in five seasons at Nebraska.

The team was led by star player Guy Chamberlain, from Blue Springs, Nebraska. He was an All-American and became a member of the both the College and Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Cy Sherman, the nationally respected editor of the Lincoln Star, declared the 1915 Nebraska Cornhuskers to be the “the champion football team of Uncle Sam’s domain.”

All hail the 1915 national champions!



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