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Call Your Members of Congress and Urge a No Vote on GOP Tax Deform!

Events are moving rapidly in Washington, D.C. The House plans to vote on the GOP tax bill as early as Thursday and the Senate plans a vote before the Thanksgiving holiday.

There have been no hearings on this legislation and the Democrats have been excluded from the negotiations. All of this legislation has been hatched in complete secrecy behind closed doors.

The House bill would shower 50% of the tax cuts on the top 1% and raise taxes on 47 million middle class Americans. It would also blow up the deficit and return us to the days of annual $1 trillion deficits. If that happens, the Republicans in D.C. will demand cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The Senate bill is equally bad. The tax cuts for corporations are permanent and the middle class tax cuts are only temporary. Ultimately, millions of middle class Americans would pay more.

The Senate bill also repeals the individual mandate to fund tax cuts for the rich. Under this plan, 13 million Americans would lose their insurance coverage and we would all face much higher insurance premiums.

These bills break every promise the GOP has made about spending, taxes, the deficit and health care since 2009. We must stop these bills.

Please call your members of Congress at 202–224–3121 and urge a NO vote to the GOP’s tax deform! Thanks.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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