Carol Blood For Governor!

Dennis Crawford
3 min readNov 7, 2022
Carol Blood has a pathway to victory.

The Republicans have owned Nebraska state government lock, stock and barrel since 1999. It’s hilarious to hear Jim Pillen complain about high property taxes. Does it really not register with Republicans that when Pillen complains about the state of local education finance and property taxes, he is indicting Pete Ricketts and the Republicans in the legislature. And not to mention Dave Heineman and Mike Johanns.

Here’s what we got from over twenty years of one party GOP rule:

Soaring property taxes.

The most overcrowded penal system in the country. The GOP wants to double down on failure by building another prison.

Anti freedom and anti-women legislation, especially regarding reproductive rights.

Hypocritical stances: “pro-life” but pro-death penalty, too. And anti-Medicaid expansion.

Squandering tax pay dollars by sending Nebraska law enforcement to border states as a political stunt.

A brain drain of young people. Nebraska ranks an abysmal number 40 in out migration of young people.

Attorney General Doug Peterson attempting to steal the 2020 election by throwing out millions of legally cast votes.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The solution to years of Republican failure is to vote for State Senator Carol Blood, for a change. Blood was endorsed by both the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star.

The World Herald endorsement made an excellent case for Blood’s candidacy:

“As a Democrat in a legislative body dominated by Republicans, Blood has by necessity learned how to work with others to get anything done. She understands that successful solutions come from keeping the focus on people and policy, not party.

She’s right that Nebraska needs to go beyond rhetoric and platitudes to make progress on things like workforce development. Nebraska leaders have talked for decades about the trends that now have helped leave the state short of workers, yet failed to create a comprehensive, effective plan to fill those jobs.

Part of her plan is a PK-14 approach to education, ensuring that children get a good start in life with pre-kindergarten and are able to get up to a two-year degree in college that prepares them for jobs in the trades, information technology, health care or other fields.

She also touts another lawmaker’s proposal in the Legislature that would have used a 1-cent increase in the sales tax to fund schools and reduce property taxes.

She makes sense in talking about the changes needed in criminal justice and the state’s overcrowded prisons. She recognizes that it’s wasteful to try to solve the overcrowding solely through building more and more prisons. Instead, the state needs to improve its rehabilitation programs so that fewer former inmates wind up reoffending.

And Blood recognizes the burden that is placed on local governments through state and federal mandates.”

Blood isn’t the only the best qualified candidate, she has a path to victory. Don’t believe the cynics and the defeatists. The Libertarian and the write in GOP candidate will siphon off support for Pillen.

The Libertarian candidate tallied a surprising 20% in the straw poll of Lincoln students. The kids usually reflect the preferences of their parents. Herbster’s supporters hate Pillen and Ricketts. Moreover, Herbster never endorsed Pillen. Blood could win with as little as 42% or 43% of the vote.

Vote for Carol Blood for governor, for a change. Vote for Democratic candidates for legislature. Preserve your freedoms and liberties! End failed, one party rule in Nebraska!



Dennis Crawford

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