Crawford for Congress Plan to End Government Shutdown

I think most of us are tired of the blame game surrounding the government shutdown. Voters aren’t interested in the blame game — they want solutions.

Here is my 5 step numbered plan for Congress to end the government shutdown. Schedule five votes immediately.

Please vote separately on each item so we know where everybody stands. This should not take long — just a few days at most.

1)Vote on whether to fund the government for 3 weeks;
2) Vote on restoring healthcare for kids in the CHIPS program .
3) Vote on letting the Dreamers stay.
4) Vote on the Wall.
5) Vote on other increased border security and other immigration measures.

Then, pass a law requiring an automatic debt ceiling increase to match appropriations by Congress so we don’t have go through this again.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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