Democrats Deliver While The GOP Is In Disarray

The contrast between the Democratic and Republican parties has been on display the last few weeks, putting the voters’ choice this fall into sharp relief. While the Democrats passed landmark legislation that will help millions of Americans, the GOP attacked law enforcement and pursued unhinged conspiracy theories.

In Washington, President Biden and the Democrats in Congress delivered while the D.C. Republicans obstructed and lied.

“Biden’s 2022 summer:

— gas prices cratering

— Zawahiri dead

— unemployment at historic low

— 86% drop in COVID deaths

— gun safety bill passed

— clean energy bill passed

— veterans bill passed

— drug price cap bill passed”

Senator Chris Murphy tweet.

Every Nebraska Republican in D.C. opposed this progress.

“Every single Republican who voted against the Inflation Reduction Act voted against:

— Lower prescription drug prices

— Lower health care costs

— A fairer tax system

— Tackling the climate crisis

— Lowering energy costs

— Creating good-paying jobs”

President Biden Tweet.

The D.C. Republicans are already talking about repealing Biden’s reforms with a government shutdown if they regain power. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said the Republicans should shut down government on day one of the new Congress next January to force Democrats to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Elect Republicans, and they will immediately shut down the government to:

— cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy

— make prescription drugs more expensive

— raise health care premiums.”

Dan Pfeiffer tweet.

At the same time, prominent D.C. Republicans are discussing cutting Social Security if they win in 2022. Republican senators Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott and Ron Johnson are all openly talking about cutting America’s greatest anti-poverty program. Usually, Republicans wait until after the election to talk about gutting retirement programs

While Nebraska’s all Republican Congressional delegation voted for higher costs for their constituents, their party melted down in Nebraska.

The new look, super radical Nebraska GOP posted a pornographic image on Twitter and left it up for 10 hours. Finally, the Nebraska GOP took down this sick tweet, apologized for it and threw their communications director under the bus.

Former Nebraska Democratic Party chair and attorney Vince Powers contended that the Nebraska GOP’s post violated Nebraska law and advised them to hire a good lawyer.

At the same time that the Nebraska GOP was breaking the law, Pete Ricketts came out in favor of defunding law enforcement in response to the execution of the search warrant at Trump’s Florida estate. On August 16, Ricketts was recorded by The Undercurrent’s Lauren Windsor discussing defunding the FBI.

“What about defunding the FBI though?,” said Windsor

“We could do that. Well if we get control of congress we can control the house, so you know,” said Ricketts.

While the likes of Mike Bacon, Mike Flood and Pete Ricketts showed up for work and did stupid things, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert took yet another vacation. Stothert will have been on vacation in 2022 for 8.5 weeks by mid — September. Should City of Omaha employees get similar paid time off?

All of this is good news for Nebraska Democrats. Patty Pansing Brooks, Tony Vargas and Carol Blood all support lower prescription drug prices and insurance premiums. They will stand up to the special interests and the radical right.

It’s progress v. radicalism in 2022. Freedom is on the ballot in 2022. Vote for Carol Blood for governor! Vote for Patty Pansing Brooks in Nebraska CD01! Vote for Tony Vargas in Nebraska CD02! Vote for David Elise Nebraska CD03!



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Dennis Crawford

Dennis Crawford


I’m a trial lawyer, defender of democracy and a sports fan.