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The House Judiciary Committee Voting On Articles of Impeachment in 1974.

Don Bacon’s Hypocrisy On Impeachment

Trump and GOP talking points continue to shift on the Ukraine scandal. The talking point of the day from Trump and his enablers is that Nancy Pelosi isn’t following the correct procedures. The GOP is suddenly concerned about procedural niceties. You can’t make this stuff up.

Don Bacon made the following argument that is also being made by the Administration: “If Speaker Pelosi really believes her own words saying “we have to be fair to the President,” she’ll bring the impeachment inquiry to a vote so both sides can have equal subpoena powers and the President’s counsel can present evidence and cross-examine witnesses.”

Bacon’s arguments ring hollow in light of the abuses of power by the GOP Congressional majority in 2017–18. The Trump Care bill that would have taken away insurance from 23 million people was drafted in complete secrecy by a handful of party insiders and lobbyists. The House GOP passed the bill with Bacon’s support without any hearings, no CBO score and very limited debate. The bill was put up to a vote 48 hours after it was unveiled.

The Congressional Republicans followed the same procedure for the failed 2017 tax bill. Once again, it was drafted behind closed doors, there were no hearings, no CBO score and only a few hours of debate.

“The lesson here is never to take right-wing huffiness about the process of politics and political debate seriously. These guys don’t actually believe in any rules at all; whatever rule they may lay down in one case, they’ll break in an instant if they think they see an advantage.” Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist.

I’m not very impressed with Bacon’s arguments in light of this tortured history. I would remind the GOP that history doesn’t begin when they take the microphone or put up a post. The GOP is counting on amnesia. We Democrats need to refresh memories and call out blatant GOP hypocrisy.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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