Election 2022: Don’t agonize — organize. No whining — just winning.

It’s progress versus radicalism in 2022.

November 8 is election day. Tuesday is the day and you are the team. We have a lot of good Democrats running for office across the state.

U.S. House CD01

Two term State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks is running against extreme Republican Mike Flood. Patty will fight for our freedoms and resist big government over reach. We don’t need career politicians in the doctor’s examining room.

Mike Flood has turned out to be an extremist and a party hack. Flood has voted against birth control, gay marriage, and an amber alert system for active shooters. He opposed law enforcement when he voted to allow people to conceal carry guns without a background check and training. He is truly dangerous.

U.S. House CD02

Tony Vargas is the best choice in the Omaha based House district. Tony has served six years in the legislature and is currently on the Appropriations Committee. This is the most bi-partisan committee in the legislature. The budgets are reported out on a unanimous basis and usually pass in the entire legislature with 40 or more votes.

Don Bacon likes to market himself as some kind of moderate, bi-partisan legislator. Don’t be fooled. Bacon supported a constitutional amendment that would ban all abortions, without any exceptions. Bacon also supports cuts to Social Security and Medicare to fund a big tax cut for the wealthy.

U.S. House CD03

Vote for David Else — for a change. Adrian Smith is an extremist and a traitor. Smith voted with the violent thugs who attacked the Capitol on January 6, when he voted against certifying Biden’s big win.


Two term State Senator Carol Blood is the best choice. She is the only candidate for governor actually talking about real issues. In contrast, Jim Pillen is dodging debates and running on extreme right wing culture war issues.

If you’re unhappy about property taxes, vote for Carol. The GOP has owned this state lock, stock and barrel since 1999, and property taxes have soared. A vote for Pillen would be doubling down on failure.


The legislative elections are now more important than ever. The GOP has a path to 33 seats — enough to break a filibuster. If the GOP gets up to 33 seats, they will pass a reactionary abortion ban, and repeal state income and corporate taxes. The lost revenue would be made up by a regressive sales tax. The GOP platform is extreme and dangerous.

District 2 is located in east Lincoln and Cass County.

Sarah Slattery is the best choice. She is a longtime resident of Cass County and a successful small business owner.

District 4 is in Omaha.

Cindy Maxwell-Ostdiek is an independent who would prioritize working families over the corporate special interests.

District 6 is in central Omaha.

Machaela Cavanaugh is the incumbent and a champion of our most vulnerable citizens.

District 8 is in east Omaha.

Megan Hunt is the incumbent and a supporter of progressive causes.

District 10 is in northwest Omaha and Douglas County.

Wendy DeBoer is the incumbent and is fending off a strong GOP challenge since she has stood up to Ricketts.

District 12 is in Omaha.

Robin Richards is the Democratic candidate.

District 14 is in Sarpy County.

Cori Villegas is our candidate.

District 18 is in Omaha.

Michael Young is our candidate.

District 20 is in Omaha.

Vote for John Fredrickson. He is running to replace termed out Senator John McCollister.

District 22 is in the Columbus area.

Michael Goos is the Democrat.

District 26 is in north, central Lincoln.

George Dungan is a former deputy Lancaster County Public Defender and would make a great senator. His opponent is an extremist who would ban all abortions and even opposes birth control.

District 28 is in central Lincoln.

Jane Raybould has served on the County Board and on the Lincoln City Council. Jane has the experience to hit the ground running and take on the radical GOP agenda.

District 31 is in the Millard area.

Teacher of the year Tim Royers is running a strong campaign against an extremist appointed by Ricketts.

District 36 is in Sarpy County.

I’ve been impressed by Angie Laurisen. She is a former member of the Gretna city council. This election represents a great opportunity to flip a Republican held seat.

District 46 is in north Lincoln and downtown Lincoln.

Danielle Conrad and James Michael Bowers are both great candidates and great people.

Lancaster County Attorney

A vote for Adam Morfeld is a vote against the failed tenure of incumbent Pat Condon. Crime has risen in Lancaster County under his watch. Condon would also prosecute women and doctors involved in abortion.

Lancaster County Public Defender

Longtime public defender Kristi Egger deserves your vote. The Republican is a MAGA Republican who simply doesn’t believe in the office.

Initiative 432

Vote against the Ricketts/GOP sponsored voter identification amendment. It is aimed at voter suppression and violates the Nebraska Constitution. Passage will lead to years of expensive litigation and violate our fundamental right to vote.

Initiative 433

Vote yes to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Hard working Nebraskans deserve a pay raise. Passage will increase consumer spending power and strengthen our economy.

Amendment 1

Please vote for Amendment 1 and help Nebraska connect to the rest of the country. Amendment 1 was passed unanimously by the legislature. A “for” vote supports amending the state constitution to authorize any city, county, or other political subdivision that operates an airport to spend revenue to develop commercial air travel at the local airport.

“This is a very tiny change to our constitution, simply giving Nebraska the ability to compete for airlines like every other state,” said Bryan Slone, president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Whatever you do, vote Blue in 2022! If the Republicans win control of the Congress, they will shutdown the government, default on the debt, raise taxes on the middle class by $1 trillion, sunset Social Security and Medicare, and pass a national abortion ban.

If the Democrats win at the federal level, we can maintain the amazing progress from President Biden and the Democrats in Congress. If you had told me on January 20, 2021, that with a 50–50 Senate and a 3–4 vote margin in the House, we would get $3 trillion in Covid relief, infrastructure and safety net protection, the biggest climate bill in history, reductions in prescription drug prices and more judges than any other president, nobody would’ve believed you.

A brand new NBC News poll is very encouraging. Among registered voters: Dems at 47%, GOP at 46%. Among likely voters: GOP at 48%, Dems at 47%. It’s a jump ball right now. GOTV! Vote! If we turnout, we will win!

Thank you for all that you do! Now let’s get it done!



I’m an aspiring historian, defender of democracy and a sports fan.

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Dennis Crawford

I’m an aspiring historian, defender of democracy and a sports fan.