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Another day at the bar for Charlie Janssen

Fire Scandal Plagued Charlie Janssen!

The Omaha World Herald recently committed journalism and revealed that Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen spends a large portion of his work day at a Lincoln bar. This investigation revealed that Janssen shows up late for work, takes long, boozy lunch hours at a local watering hole and doesn’t return to work in the afternoon.

The incumbent State Auditor issued an apology only because he got caught. In addition, Pete Ricketts rejected calls for Janssen’s resignation. Any employee in the private sector who conducted himself the way Janssen has, would have been fired immediately.

Janssen doesn’t only fail to show up for work, he has financially benefited from his tenure as a State Senator and Auditor. Janssen owns a medical staffing company that provides employees to state agencies. At the present time, Janssen’s company most likely has lucrative contracts with the state that are worth several hundred thousand dollars.

According to reporting from the Lincoln Journal Star in 2015, RTG Medical collected more than $266,000.00 to provide employees to the Beatrice State Developmental Center. In addition, Janssen’s company had contracts with the state in 2015 worth nearly $1 million and two of those contracts that were worth over $400,000.00 commenced after Janssen took office as Auditor.

Janssen claims that these holdings are in a blind trust and hasn’t even filed conflict of interest statements with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. Apparently, it is up to to Janssen to determine whether or not he has a conflict of interest. Janssen contended: “I really wouldn’t know what to file, because I don’t know if we have the contracts or not.”

Former State Auditor and current Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley was critical of Janssen’s arrangement and lucrative state contracts. “I don’t think you could possibly be the state auditor and have a contract with the state,” Foley said in 2014 when asked about Janssen’s lucrative contracts. “I don’t think that works.”

“The auditor is in charge of watching the state of Nebraska’s pocketbooks, overseeing every dollar of state expenditure, without exception,” Foley said. “It’s not a little bit here, a little bit there, it’s everything.”

Charlie Janssen is dishonest, lazy and corrupt. Nebraska’s taxpayers deserve better. Because Janssen won’t do the right thing and resign, we need to fire him on November 6!

Vote for Jane Skinner for auditor. She will work full time and won’t profit from her public service!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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