Five member “conservative” majority on the SCOTUS favors the wealthy, big business & the GOP

In the Janus decision, the five member “conservative” majority on the SCOTUS dealt a major blow to working families and unions. Since O’Connor’s retirement, this five member “conservative” majority has consistently supported business over labor and corporations over individuals in its decisions. Moreover, this majority made it easier for the wealthy to contribute to campaigns and made it harder for poor people to vote. In making these decisions, the “conservatives” have overturned years of precedent. All of this marks a breach of the promise made by C.J. Roberts when he said he would be a mere umpire and would just call the balls and strikes. These “conservatives” claim to be orginalists but they aren’t. The Founding Fathers rejected the notion that a small, wealthy elite should control the country. They envisioned the middle class would be the backbone of the country. Sadly, this appears to be a politically motivated majority on the SCOTUS. We are facing a crisis. That’s why we need to elect Jane Raybould to the U.S. Senate!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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