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Sasse has voted with the GOP 99% of the time in 2018 and with Trump 96% of the time in 2018.

History Doesn’t Begin When Ben Sasse Takes The Microphone

The American political was rocked by the unexpected suicide of Jeffrey Epstein — a serial sex criminal who preyed on children. Right away, the radical right pushed out unhinged conspiracy theories blaming Bill and Hillary Clinton for Epstein’s death. What those right wingers don’t seem to realize was that the prison where Epstein was incarcerated was under the control of the Trump Administration DOJ.

The former TV reality star who currently occupies the office of president tweeted out that toxic conspiracy theory. (Moreover, Russian bots have worked overtime to blame the Clintons.) What is truly remarkable is that the current incumbent president* accused a former president and secretary of state of murder. (We live in interesting times.)

It’s pretty obvious that Epstein was able to commit suicide due to common, garden variety negligence at the facility where he was held. Apparently, the staff at this jail was overworked and under paid. The conditions in this Manhattan jail sound similar to the depressing conditions in Nebraska’s prisons.

Nebraska’s own Ben Sasse had the temerity to jump into this controversy. A mere few hours after Epstein’s death, Sasse asserted that “heads must roll” at the Department of Justice. But does anybody really expect Sasse to actually do anything? He has a long history of no follow through after he issues what appears to be tough rhetoric. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Sasse could conduct hearings and an investigation. I’m not holding my breath.

Ben Sasse kept digging by calling for the sweetheart 2008 non-prosecution agreement with Epstein be “torn up.” This was the agreement that allowed Epstein to continue to commit crimes and prey on children. Sasse accurately described it as follows: “That deal essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe into whether there were more victims and other powerful people who took part in Epstein’s sex crimes.”

What Nebraska’s junior Senator doesn’t tell you is that Alex Acosta was the prosecutor who negotiated this unconscionable deal. Sasse also failed to mention that he voted to confirm Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary. (Deb Fischer also voted to confirm Acosta.) Acosta was forced to resign from his cabinet post due to this controversial deal.

Sasse’s outrage over Acosta’s sweetheart deal with Epstein rings hollow in light of his support for Acosta. Just remember that all GOP outrage is fake. Never believe it. Moreover, history doesn’t begin when Sasse (or some other Republican) takes the microphone. GOP talking points depend upon amnesia. We Democrats need to work hard to refresh memories. We can’t count on anybody else to do it for us.

Sasse has drawn three Democratic challengers and an opponent in the GOP primary. On the Democratic side, we have Chris Janicek, Angie Philips and Dan Wik. I would urge you all to get behind one of these candidates and help out their campaign. It is absolutely essential that the Democrats regain the Senate and retire the toxic Mitch McConnell as majority leader. Now let’s get it done!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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