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In Defense of Nancy Pelosi

Unfortunately, some of our fellow Democrats are running scared over GOP attacks on Pelosi. In my opinion, we shouldn’t dump Pelosi and allow the radical right to make our personnel decisions.

Pelosi was a great Speaker of the House between 2006–10. Due to her leadership, President Obama passed the 2009 Recovery Act, the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform. As minority leader, she has done a great job in keeping the Democratic caucus united.

One of the many reasons why the GOP hates Pelosi is because she is a prodigious fundraiser and tireless campaigner. The GOP is angry because Pelosi just led the House Democrats to their greatest victory since 1974.

The GOP hates Pelosi because she is effective and they want her out. We are also seeing from the GOP the same kind of misogyny we saw leveled at Hillary Clinton. Let’s be smart and support Nancy Pelosi. Thank you.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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