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Kavanaugh Hearings Are A Farce

The hearings surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination will be farcical in nature. The GOP has already held back 100,000 documents regarding his service in the Bush White House and Kavanaugh won’t answer any questions on where he stands on the issues.

The nomination itself is illegitimate. Kavanaugh was nominated by a POTUS who is under federal investigation and was selected - in part — due to his extreme positions on executive power. Kavanaugh was selected as a get out of jail free card for Trump.

On the issues, Kavanaugh stands ready to gut womens’ rights to make their own health care choices and is widely expected to support the top 1% at the expense of everybody else. This is contrary to the intent of the Founding Fathers — they opposed a powerful elite at the top controlling the country.

Senate Democrats need to resort to every procedural tool in their toolbox to slow down this nomination. Kavanaugh is the most unpopular SCOTUS nominee since Bork in 1987. Public opinion in some key states may ultimately influence key GOP Senators to oppose this deeply flawed nominee. Resist!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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