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Nebraska GOP Wants To Change The Rules Because They Can’t Beat Mayor Chris Beutler

The Nebraska GOP has begun a petition campaign to impose a three term limit on the mayor of Lincoln. This is squarely aimed at Mayor Chris Beutler since he has already announced a bid for a fourth term in 2019.

The naked partisanship behind this proposal is revealed by the fact that it doesn’t include term limits for the Lincoln City Council. That’s because it would bar longtime GOP incumbent Jon Camp from running for another term next year.

It should also be noted that the Nebraska GOP isn’t proposing any term limits for the mayor of Omaha. Of course, the Republicans know that Jean Stothert is eligible to run for a third term in 2021.

The rationale for this term limits petition is the Nebraska GOP knows that it can’t defeat Mayor Beutler next year. As a matter of fact, a Republican hasn’t been elected Mayor of Lincoln since Mike Johanns was re-elected in 1995. That’s why the Republicans want to change the rules.

At the present time, the City of Lincoln is on a roll due to Mayor Beutler’s outstanding leadership — unemployment is at a record low of 2.6%.

Lincoln has also been deemed by reputable and non-partisan sources to be:

The happiest city in the U.S.

Number three hardest working city in America.

Number four large city to start a business.

Number six best city for families.

Number four best state capital.

Number two most caring city.

In a recent article on CBS News, Lincoln was labeled the “The Silicon Prairie” and was regarded to be “America’s new entrepreneurial frontier. “ This is because there has been an explosion of start up software companies here.

CBS said the following about Nebraska’s capital city: “Today, Lincoln is becoming a mini Palo Alto, home to more than 100 software startups. And once-abandoned buildings now house coworking spaces and incubators. You just hear from people who come visit and check out the town, they go ‘Lincoln is cool! This is really cool!’ And we’re like, ‘It is, right!?’” .

Thus far, the only Republican who has announced an interest in taking on Mayor Beutler is City Councilwoman Cindy Lamm. In her tenure at City Hall, Lamm has been a staunch ally of the naysayers at LIBA. A well informed source speaking on background told me that Lamm was the one who originated this term limits proposal.

The GOP better be careful what they wish for since they are turning the 2018 election cycle into a referendum on Mayor Beutler’s leadership. I expect a big, enthusiastic Democratic turnout this fall that most likely would defeat the term limits proposal. If that were to happen, it would be difficult for the Republicans to field a credible candidate to run against Mayor Beutler in 2019.

Never forget that no victory over the radical right is final in nature. We must be as relentless and vigilant as they are. The radical right never takes a day off. We can’t take a day off. Let’s keep fighting! I know that we will win!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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