Please call Fischer & Sasse to oppose nomination of Tom Price to head HHS

Confirmation hearings for HHS nominee Tom Price begin tomorrow. I would request that everybody call Senators Fischer and Sasse to oppose his nomination.

Price is a poor pick for the following reasons.

He supports ending Medicare as we know it and turning it into a voucher program. This would cost senior citizens an additional $6,000.00 per year in additional out of pocket medical expenses. Seniors would pay a lot more for a lot less coverage.

Price’s Obama Care replacement plan would insure approximately 17 million fewer people than Obama Care.

Price is involved in a genuine pay for play scheme. Price purchased stock in Zimmer Biomet (ZB) and a few days later sponsored legislation that would help this company. Subsequently, ZB made a campaign contribution to Price’s House re-election campaign.

Deb Fischer 402–441–4600
Ben Sasse 402–476–1400

Thanks for your help!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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