Please call your member of Congress about Trump’s illegal EO on Middle East immigration

Trump has issued an illegal executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. This has already caused chaos and hardship for thousands of people.

I would like you to call our members of Congress and ask that they vote for a law that would rescind Trump’s executive order for the following reasons:

1. Mike Pence was right in 2015 — a Muslim ban is offensive and unconstitutional.

2. None of the shooters in the Boston, San Bernardino and the Orlando incidents were from countries subject to the ban.

3. This is devastating to many legal immigrants who followed all rules.

4. Trump’s ban excluded countries where he has business deals.

5. This executive order makes us less safe since it alienates our allies in the struggle against ISIS.

Please call your member of Congress and ask them to vote for a bill rescinding Trump’s executive order on immigration. Thanks.

Deb Fischer 402–441–4600

Ben Sasse 402–476–1400

Jeff Fortenberry 402–438–1598



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Dennis Crawford

Dennis Crawford


I’m a trial lawyer, defender of democracy and a sports fan.