Political Earth Quake In Nebraska CD01

State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks shocked the political world when she outperformed all previous Democrats candidates in CD01 going back to 1974. Fellow State Senator Mike Flood (R) narrowly defeated Pansing Brooks (D) 53% to 47% in a congressional district that Trump won 54% to 43% in 2020. In the last open seat House race in CD01 in 2004, Jeff Fortenberry beat Matt Connealy 54% to 43%.

The 2022 race was much closer than the last election. This was a seat that Fortenberry won by 21 points in 2020 over State Senator Kate Bolz, who raised $1 million. What we’re seeing is a massive 15 point swing.

It’s a significant result since this was the first election after the GOP majority on the SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade. Patty’s close loss in a special election means there is no red wave and gives her a good chance to win in November.

Pansing Brooks told supporters on election night that she was not discouraged and their work continues. Her campaign manager Chris Triebsch was equally encouraged: “We’re ecstatic to be where we’re at. Obviously this gives us a really good roadmap into November, to see the areas where we can invest and improve on.”

Nebraska Democratic State Party Chair Jane Kleeb was also pleased with the results:

“Sen. Pansing Brooks connected with voters and started to change the political landscape of Nebraska. Nebraskans turned out to send a very loud and clear message that access to abortion services must be legal and protected.”

“It was a thrilling result,” said Danielle Conrad, a former Democratic State Senator from Lincoln. “Patty far outpaced the conventional wisdom. I don’t think anybody expected her to perform this well in such a tough district.”

National Democratic political strategist Adrienne Elrod said the Nebraska CD01 election outcome was “a sign of energy among Democrats following the Supreme Court ruling last week.”

Elrod said: “National Democratic groups should see the race as a signal of momentum and consider investing in places where they might not normally think prospects are favorable. I think they’re going to look at this as a bellwether, in a very positive way.”

While Patty centered her campaign on women’s freedom, Flood focused his attention on the increasing costs of fuel and food. Flood disingenuously blamed the alleged (and imaginary) out of control spending of President Biden and the Democrats in Congress for inflation.

What Flood didn’t mention — or didn’t know — is that spending was far higher under Trump in 2020 than it is in 2022. Since Biden has taken office, federal spending has declined from 31.2% of GDP to 25.6% of GDP. Biden and the Democrats have reduced the annual deficit by a record $1.5 trillion in 2022. Every Republican voted for Trump’s record spending and against Biden’s deficit reduction.

Another thing Flood hasn’t mentioned was that he was the beneficiary of Trump’s record spending spree. His media company grabbed a PPP loan in the range of $350,000 to $1,000,000. In 2021, the SBA forgave $840,000 of this loan.

In light of this history, Mike Flood needs to answer a serious question. Why was the smaller American Rescue Act inflationary, but the other $5 trillion in Covid-19 stimulus signed into law in 2020 by Trump not inflationary?

This close win for Flood in a usually safe red CD tells us that the Supreme Court’s decision in the recent abortion case is a game changer. Democrats and moderates are sending the GOP a message — they’re angry, and ready to vote them out.

Patty would be a welcome change from the GOP’s hyper-partisanship since she has worked across the aisle with Republican senators on numerous issues. If you want different results out of Washington, you have to vote for different people. Vote for Patty Pansing Brooks for a change!



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Dennis Crawford

Dennis Crawford


I’m a trial lawyer, defender of democracy and a sports fan.