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Stand Up And Be An American — Oppose Trump

Trump’s performance in Europe and his press conference with Putin was an absolute disgrace. In a tweet, Trump blamed the U.S. and Robert Mueller for the poor state of relations with Russia. In his joint press conference with the Russian dictator, Trump blamed “both sides” for poor relations.

What’s even more bizarre is that Trump took Putin’s word on Russian electoral interference in 2016 over those of U.S. intelligence professionals. Trump is blaming America first. That’s what is happening here.

Trump’s appeasement of Putin caused a firestorm of criticism both in the U.S. and around the globe. The spectacle of an American president taking the side of a Russian dictator over his own country is unprecedented.

For the most part, Nebraska’s all Republican Congressional delegate reacted mildly to Trump’s disastrous summit performance. Deb Fischer said the obvious: “Russia isn’t our friend.” Jeff Fortenberry said we need to continue to negotiate with Putin. Neither one of them even mentioned Trump.

Don Bacon said he was “troubled” by Trump’s remarks and made the incredible claim that Trump has been tough on Russia. Apparently, Bacon must have failed to notice Trump’s ongoing attacks on NATO, the EU, the G-7 and the international trading system. These attacks serve Putin’s interests since they are splitting up the alliance that has kept the peace in Europe since 1945. It is both astonishing and disturbing that a former general could be so ignorant and naive.

As usual, Ben Sasse issued a series of sad tweets that both criticized Trump (and Putin.) Sasse even said the U.S. should respond to Russian cyber attacks but he didn’t specify what actions he wanted to take.

The statements from Nebraska’s Congressional delegation echoed similar statements from Republican members of Congress all across the nation. The one thing they all had in common was that as the NY Times said: “ No Republican in Congress pledged any particular action to punish Mr. Trump, such as holding up his nominees or delaying legislation, nor did any Republican promise hearings or increased oversight.”

There is actually a lot the Republicans in Congress could do in concert with concerned Democrats. After all, they are members of a powerful body that can check and balance an out of control and unfit executive. Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to President Obama, proposed the following common sense actions:

  1. Pass legislation to protect the Mueller investigation.

2. Subpoena Trump’s tax and business records to see what leverage Russia may have on him.

3. Pass a tougher sanctions law that doesn’t let Trump wriggle out of them.

4. Hold hearings on what has and hasn’t been done to protect America from Russia.

5. Subpoena the interpreter to find out what Trump actually said to Putin.

6. Pass a joint resolution saying Russia interfered in the elections to help Trump.

It is now time for all Republicans — both elected officials and voters — to abandon their support for Trump. Enacting tax cuts and confirming conservative judges isn’t worth what Trump is doing to this country by siding with a hostile power over the U.S.

Any Republican and/or conservative who continues to back Trump’s policies while claiming to oppose him personally isn’t being honest with you. Backing some of Trump’s policies is enabling his incompetence, corruption and undermining the national security posture of the U.S.

As Democrats we must organize and then vote on November 6. At the present time, the only check and balance on a radicalized GOP is the Democratic Party. The stakes couldn’t be any higher on November 6. Now let’s get it done!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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