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The NDP slate card for Lancaster County. The NDP sent slate cards to every registered Democrat in Nebraska.

The Democratic Party Is The Only Check And Balance On A Radicalized GOP

We are facing the most important election of our lifetimes on November 6. This could be our last chance to check and balance a radicalized GOP. We can’t count on the press or Robert Mueller to save the country from a radical minority faction drunk with power. The only check and balance on the GOP is the Democratic Party. Election day is the day and you are the team.

A good first step to defeating the GOP would be to break one party rule here in Nebraska. Our state has suffered under one party rule since Ben Nelson left the governor’s office in early 1999. Property taxes are soaring and corporate welfare is generous. At the same time, key state departments like HHS and Corrections have disintegrated due to GOP neglect.

We need to elect Bob Krist as governor. Krist is an Air Force veteran and an experienced state senator. He has stood up to Ricketts in the legislature and has worked across party lines in that body to help all Nebraskans. Unlike Ricketts, Krist actually cares about you rather than big business and the wealthy.

Charlie Janssen is the poster boy for corrupt one party rule. He has prioritized drinking beer and hanging out at sports bars over his duties as Auditor. At the same time, Janssen’s medical staffing company has over $900,000.00 in state contracts. Even Mike Foley has been critical of Janssen’s blatant conflicts of interest.

Jane Skinner deserves your vote as State Auditor. Skinner will work full time and won’t exploit her public service for private financial gain.

Please vote for the Democrats running for the Unicameral. However, in North Platte based LD 42, please support Judy Pederson. We need an independent legislature that isn’t bought by Ricketts.

Usually, the races for Public Service Commission fly under the radar screen but we have a very important one in District 1 where Christa Yoakum is running against Dan Watermeier. Christa is a long time activist who is running against the keystone pipeline and who has pledged to put the people first.

In contrast, her opponent’s campaign is being funded by the corporations who are regulated by the PSC. In addition, Watermeier is one of Ricketts’ crickets in the Unicameral. We need Christa on the PSC to represent us — not somebody who will support Ricketts and the companies who curry favor from the PSC.

The country as a whole has suffered from one party GOP rule over the last two years. Nebraska’s Congressional delegation has submitted to Trump and rubber stamped his regressive agenda. Every one of them has voted to blow up the deficit and take away insurance from millions of American.

I’ve known Jane Raybould for 40 years and I can tell you she has always been one of the best and the brightest. In D.C., she will work to make health care more affordable and end the the destructive Trump trade war.

During her time in Washington, Deb Fischer’s net worth has skyrocketed from $300,000 to $4 million in just six years. What that means is that Fischer’s net worth has increased a whopping 1,300% since she was elected to the Senate in 2012. That is an increase of an amazing 216% every year! Fischer is either the greatest investment genius in U.S. history or she has exploited her public service to pad her net worth.

In Nebraska CD01, Jessica McClure deserves your vote. She is an intelligent and hard working candidate who is committed to serving the middle class — and not the special interests. Long time incumbent Jeff Fortenberry is an ineffectual back bencher who has prioritized the special interests who fund his campaign over his district.

The most competitive House race is in the Omaha based CD02. Nate Silver recently shifted this race from “lean Republican” to “toss up.” Kara Eastman is running a brilliant grassroots campaign. This is a very winnable race. In contrast, Don Bacon is a Trump toady who votes with the former reality TV star 98% of the time.

In CD03, Paul Theobald is running a spirited race against longtime incumbent Adrian Smith. Paul favors Medicare for all and the end to Trump’s idiotic trade war. Smith has accomplished nothing in his 12 years in office and simply follows the lead of his out of touch party bosses.

Everybody should vote for the Medicaid expansion or Initiative 427. As the World Herald recently wrote: “ Nebraskans are already paying about $520 million to expand Medicaid in other states, without getting any of the federal funds to help pay the cost of insuring additional Nebraskans who can’t afford health care coverage.” Let’s keep some of that money here in Nebraska and insure 90,000 people.

In Lincoln, I would urge a vote against the partisan and one sided mayoral term limits petition. It only effects Mayor Chris Beutler and it exempted GOP members of the Lincoln City Council. This scheme was hatched by long time GOP party officers and political operatives. It is a disingenuous proposal.

On November 6, I plan to run — not walk — to the polls. We must and will win this election. As Harry Truman said in 1948: “I will win this election and make the Republicans like it. “

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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