The Stakes Are Too High For You To Stay Home In 2022

Dennis Crawford
4 min readSep 26, 2022
President Biden has the most productive legislative record since Lyndon Johnson in 1964–66.

President Biden and the Congressional Democrats are running on a record of accomplishment. Things aren’t perfect but we’re better off now than we were when Trump left office. Nonetheless, the Republicans are whining and crying that Biden hasn’t cleaned up Trump’s mess fast enough.

The highlights of Biden’s accomplishments are as follows:

Lowest poverty, uninsured rates in US history.

New business starts at record levels .

American manufacturers have now added enough jobs to regain all that they that they lost during the pandemic. Manufacturers have a net gain of 67,000 workers above pre-pandemic levels.

In 2021, the U.S. economy added over 6.5 million jobs, the greatest year of job growth in history.

The unemployment rate has nearly been cut in half.

Jobless claims are at their lowest point since 1970.

Under Biden, the US has added 9 million jobs — the highest number of jobs added in any president’s first 17 months. Not only is the unemployment rate at a historic low of 3.7 percent, but more Americans are now employed in the private sector than at anytime.

Deficit reduced by a record $1.5 trillion.

Because of President Biden’s Infrastructure package, repairs have started on over 65,000 miles of roads and 1,500 bridges.

The American Rescue Plan led to a record 14.5 million Americans signing up for healthcare coverage for this year through the Affordable Care Act.

Child poverty has been cut in half since President Biden took office. While Donald Trump was in office, child poverty was at 9.7%. Since President Biden took office, child poverty has been reduced to 5.2%.

As former President Trump’s approval rating is sliding to all-time lows, President Biden’s approval rating is rising. Trump’s approval rating is 34% and Biden’s approval rating is 46%.

Democrats defeated the NRA by passing the first gun safety bill since 1994.

President Biden and the Democrats in Congress have capped insulin costs at $35 a month for Medicare recipients.

The Inflation Reduction Act will now save 13 million Americans an average of $800 annually on health insurance premiums.

While Republicans want to restrict a woman’s right to choose, Democrats are fighting to protect your reproductive freedoms.

President Biden has appointed more judges than Trump.

Unlike Republicans, President Biden will defend, not cut, Medicare.

Unlike Republicans who want to privatize and cut Social Security, President Biden and the Democrats will defend it.

Ukraine is winning the war thanks — in part — to the international coalition organized by President Joe Biden. If Trump had been president, Russia would’ve already won the war because Trump planned to pull out of NATO in a second term.

President Biden has delivered on more campaign promises at this point in his Presidency than any other President in decades. He has the best legislative record since Lyndon Johnson.

(Many of these accomplishments came from Biden’s Wins on Twitter. A must follow page.)

Virtually of the D.C. Republicans voted against these popular accomplishments. They will try to repeal all of them if they regain power.

Despite all of this progress, the Republicans are claiming that we’re doomed and everything is terrible. They are invested in the failure of the country. That’s what the Republicans do when the Democrats are in power.

A speech by President Obama in 2015 did a great job in describing the the Republicans:

“Why is it that so many Republican politicians are so down on America?”

“They’ve constructed this entire separate reality. It’s like the Twilight Zone,” Obama said.

“Have you noticed that?” Obama asked the crowd of about 500 cheering women. “I mean, they are gloomy. They’re like Grumpy Cat.”

Then he turned the corners of his mouth down into a frown, emulating the famous feline.

“Everything is terrible, according to them,” he said. “We’re doomed!”

Republicans claim to be rolling out a new agenda — but we already know the MAGA GOP’s extreme agenda:

A nationwide abortion ban.

Sunset Medicare and Social Security every five years.

Raise the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare to 69.

Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

A $1 trillion tax increase on working families.

Cut off aide to Ukraine.

Defund the FBI and the IRS.

Block money for more Covid-19 vaccines.

Make prescription drugs more expensive.

Making voting harder for Democrats.

Lay the groundwork to steal the 2024 election.

Investigate Hunter Biden.

Impeach Joe Biden.

The Republicans will try to ram through this toxic agenda with a government shutdown and a debt default threat. The Republicans utilized this procedural radicalism during the Clinton and Obama Administrations. They’ve already promised to do it again.

Democracy itself will be on the ballot on November 8. The MAGA Republicans still haven’t accepted the results of the 2020 Presidential election and they’re not going to accept the results of the 2024 election after they lose again. The 2022 election will determine if the Republican Party has the officials it needs in place at the state and federal level to steal the 2024 election without a violent and bloody coup.

The Democratic Party is the only check and balance on a radicalized GOP. The press won’t save us. Prosecutors and the courts won’t save us from the MAGA Republicans. It’s up to us Democrats to save the country. We may not be perfect but they’re nuts — and dangerous.

Vote for Patty Pansing Brooks in Nebraska CD01!

Vote for Tony Vargas in Nebraska CD02!

Vote for David Else in Nebraska CD03!

Vote for Carol Blood for governor!

The stakes are too high for you to stay home. Vote Blue in 2022!



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