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Protesters at the Michigan State Capitol Building.

Trump And Ricketts Are Jeopardizing Our Health

Trump’s incompetence has made everything worse. Due to his shambolic response to the corona virus pandemic, more people have gotten sick and the economy has collapsed. Since February, 22 million Americans have lost their jobs and unemployment is now estimated to be 17%. Due to Trump’s failure to ramp up testing, the U.S. lags behind most other 1st world industrial countries when it comes the incidence of illness and death. This didn’t have to happen. Countries like China, Germany and South Korea are beginning to open up their economies.

There is real economic distress in this country and that has led to an outbreak of protests demanding that the social distancing requirements be lifted as soon as possible. Last week, there were Tea Party like protests in several states including Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio. In Michigan, the protests were organized and funded by the billionaire DeVos family. Other protests were organized by extreme gun rights activists.

The suffering for millions of Americans is real. However, these protesters aimed their wrath at the wrong people. As former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted: Donald Trump is responsible for extending the lockdown and keeping the economy closed because of his failure to come up with a plan for more testing.

That suffering has been exacerbated by the inadequate Congressional response to the Trump recession. Millions of American have received (or will soon receive) a meager one time payment of $1,200.00. This stands in contrast to many other 1st world countries where workers are collecting 80% of their wages. Trump and the Republicans in Congress simply wouldn’t approve adequate aide to working families.

At the same time, the small business fund of $350 billion has already run out of money. In contrast, big corporations received a no strings attached $500 billion payout and the top 1% grabbed a $90 billion tax break. Meanwhile, the Republicans in Congress are obstructing aide to hospitals and state and local governments. It’s no wonder many working people are upset.

On Friday, Trump recklessly encouraged those protesting the social distancing requirements. He tweeted liberate Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. Even though 42 states have stay at home requirements, Trump didn’t aim his tweets at Republican governors. Washington Governor Jay Inslee (justifiably) argued that the former TV reality star is “fomenting domestic rebellion.”

Apparently, Trump must still believe that the corona virus is a hoax or simply isn’t a threat. Consequently, I hereby dare Trump & Pence to attend these rallies & shake hands with as many demonstrators as possible. In fact, I double dog dare them! They need to put up or shut up!

Closer to home, Governor Pete Ricketts has done nothing to discourage the re-opening of the Nebraska Crossing mall on April 24. We have recently learned that the owner of the Nebraska Crossing Mall has contributed $100,000.00 to Ricketts’ campaigns. Ricketts had 100,000 “reasons” to allow the opening of Nebraska Crossing. That contradicts his admonition against unnecessary shopping trips. Ricketts is sending a mixed message and undermining his credibility. This was a very bad move.

I hereby present a dare to Pete Ricketts. I dare you to attend the re-opening of Nebraska Crossing mall on April 24. I double dog dare you! Put your money where your mouth is!

Will these cossetted elites take up my challenge? Only time will tell. What do you think?

It is no coincidence that this is the second consecutive Republican administration to lead the United States into disaster. This is the direct result of the GOP’s bankrupt governing philosophy that rejects science, expertise and government itself. The Republicans like to tell us that government doesn’t work and then they wreck government in order to prove it.

It is time for all Democrats to pledge to vote blue no matter who this November. The Democratic Party is the only check and balance on a radicalized GOP. United we are strong! United we will win!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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