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Trump Care Is Still Alive — Let’s Bury It

Trump Care has been temporarily defeated in the Senate but McConnell hasn’t given up. Don’t forget that Trump Care was stopped in the House in March, only to pass about 6 weeks later.

McConnell has begun to try to bribe wavering moderate GOP Senators by setting up a $45 billion fund to fight the opioid crisis. A Trump Administration official actually said that the moderate Republican Senators will cave when they get “cheap bribes.” However, GOP Governor John Kasich said the opioid money to buy off moderate Republicans is “spitting in the ocean. “

McConnell’s pathetic slush fund doesn’t turn chicken sh*t into chicken salad. This is still a bad bill that takes away insurance from 22 million people to fund a $600 billion tax cut for the wealthy. Moreover, Trump Care hikes premiums for millions of Americans. For example, a 60 year-old making $50,000 a year from Ben Sasse’s hometown of Plainview currently pays an annual premium of $1,520. Under the Senate bill, that same Nebraskan would pay $19,440!

Oh and by the way, just what is Nebraska’s Congressional delegation doing to stop this threat to Nebraska’s rural hospitals? The answer would be nothing. Fortenberry, Bacon and Smith all voted for Trump Care in the House. Bacon even said “Hell Yes!” to voting to hurt his fellow Nebraskans.

Over on the Senate side, Ben Sasse has said almost nothing about Trump Care even though he ran as an alleged “expert” on the ACA in 2013–14. Back in 2013, Sasse said the ACA would cause America to “cease to exist.” Why does he have any credibility?

Recently, Sasse finally spoke and talked about how he wanted the states to have more “flexibility” on Medicaid. That is a code word for program cuts.

Deb Fischer has said nothing about Trump Care recently. Nothing. At the same time, Fischer is doing everything she can to avoid her constituents. Why are we paying her to represent us?

Even though Trump Care is wildly unpopular, the Republicans will do everything they can to try to pass it after their July 4 vacation. They simply don’t care about public opinion. The GOP is convinced they can ignore public opinion and face no accountability about it at the polls due to a combination of campaign cash, gerrymandering and voter suppression.

It’s up to us to prove the GOP wrong. Call your Senators at 202–224–3121! Volunteer for good candidates in 2018! Resist! It works!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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