Trump’s SCOTUS pick is illegitimate

Tonight, Trump will announce his SCOTUS pick. This pick will be illegitimate because the seat was stolen when the GOP broke their long time promise to grant an up or down vote to all judicial nominees — regardless of party.

Trump’s pick also fails to meet the criteria set last year by Mitch McConnell. The GOP Senate leader denied hearings and an up or down vote for Merrick Garland because he contended that: “”The American people are perfectly capable of having their say on this issue, so let’s give them a voice. Let’s let the American people decide. “

The American people decided in 2012 when they re-elected President Obama. The American people also decided last year when Trump finished second in the popular vote. Trump’s share of the popular vote was 46% — equal to that of Dukakis in 1988. Moreover, 62 million people voted for Trump and 74 million voted for somebody else.

The American people decided — they don’t want Trump to pick the next SCOTUS nominee. The Senate Democrats have a mandate — as well as a moral duty — to filibuster Trump’s SCOTUS pick.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.