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Vote Democratic On Tuesday To Break The Gridlock And Keep The Change

Chris Beutler will probably go down in history as the greatest mayor in the history of Lincoln. Thanks to his leadership, the city has been transformed for the better. The development of the West Haymarket area has been revolutionary. Lincoln now has a great entertainment district that will encourage young people to stay here, start businesses here and raise their families in Nebraska’s capital city.

Numerous indicators prove that Lincoln has been on the move under the leadership of Mayor Beutler and the Democrats on the Lincoln City Council. Lincoln has the lowest rate of unemployment of any medium sized city in the country. At the present time, unemployment is at a record low of 2.8%

Lincoln has also been deemed by reputable and non-partisan sources to be:

The happiest city in the U.S.

Number three hardest working city in America.

Number four large city to start a business.

Number six best city for families.

Number four best state capital.

Number two most caring city.

In a recent article on CBS News, Lincoln was labeled the “The Silicon Prairie” and was regarded to be “America’s new entrepreneurial frontier. “ This is because there has been an explosion of start up software companies here.

CBS said the following about Nebraska’s capital city: “Today, Lincoln is becoming a mini Palo Alto, home to more than 100 software startups. And once-abandoned buildings now house coworking spaces and incubators. You just hear from people who come visit and check out the town, they go ‘Lincoln is cool! This is really cool!’ And we’re like, ‘It is, right!?’” .

In order to maintain this progress, it is important that we re-elect Leirion Gaylor Baird to the City Council and elect Bennie Shobe to join her on the Council. They will support Mayor Beutler’s progressive reform agenda. Due to their impressive credentials, both Gaylor Baird and Shobe were endorsed by the Lincoln Journal Star.

In it’s endorsement piece, the Journal Star said that Gaylor Baird has “served ably” and is “capable of striking compromise.” The same piece said that: “Shobe’s community involvement has helped him forge relationships that will allow him to hit the ground running on the council.”

The biggest obstacle to Lincoln’s continued progress is the gridlock and dysfunction generated by some of the City Council members who are beholden to LIBA. Last year, the four LIBA backed Republicans on the City Council violated the City Charter by refusing to vote for the two year budget and only voted for it after the issuance of a court order.

Perpetuating the Republicans’ current 4 to 3 majority on the City Council would bring Washington, D.C.’s gridlock and partisan bickering to Lincoln. We can do better than that. End the gridlock and keep the changes made by Mayor Beutler by voting for Leirion Gaylor Baird and Bennie Shobe on Tuesday May 2.

The Lincoln city elections are important because this is our first chance to vote since Trump won his controversial and tainted victory in the electoral college last year. The last time Democrats stayed home, we ended up with Trump. The stakes are too high for you to stay home on Tuesday May 2! Vote Democratic for an even better city!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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