We have two volunteer opportunities this weekend.

On Saturday, there is the Arrows to Aerospace Parade in Bellevue. I will be leaving Lincoln at 8:30 AM and lineup is at 9:30 AM. The parade begins at 10 AM.

The lineup begins on Bert Murphy at Mission Avenue and continues north on Lincoln Road. Our lineup number is 65. The lineup numbers will be spray painted on the curb/street.

On Sunday, there is the parade in Columbus. Our campaign will be in Columbus at 2 PM to get our lineup instructions. We will get our lineup instructions at the NPPD parking lot at 1414 15th Street. The parade begins at 3 PM.

Our lineup number for Columbus is 69 out of 94 entries.

Please message me if you’re interested. Thanks a lot!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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