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Trump said: “I will take the mantle. I’m not going to blame you for it. I will take the mantle of shutting down, and I’m going to shut it down for border security. I actually like that in terms of an issue.”

What if Democrats governed like Republicans?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate Leader held a press conference today to announce their conditions for ending the #TrumpShutdown.

Speaker Pelosi said the true crisis was in health care. The number of uninsured Americans has risen due to sabotage of the Affordable Care Act by the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress. Moreover, Pelosi pointed that out premiums were increasing due to that sabotage.

Pelosi and Schumer said the Democrats in Congress would not vote to re-open the government until the Republicans agreed to a Medicare/Medicaid buy in for all option a/k/a public/government option. The plan is called Medicare Extra.

Schumer pointed out that the last two SCOTUS justices had serious issues surrounding their very legitimacy. Gorsuch took the stolen Garland seat and Kavanaugh committed perjury during his confirmation hearings.

Schumer announced that the Democrats wouldn’t vote to fund the government unless the Republicans allowed Schumer to pick the next two SCOTUS justices in the event more vacancies occurred during the Trump presidency.

The Republicans reacted with their usual fake outrage. The “liberal” mainstream media expressed concern about the Democratic demands and advised the Democrats to compromise with Trump in funding his wall. The media (once again) failed to mention that Trump said on camera that it was his shutdown and he would take full responsibility for it. Nor did they mention that the Democrats’ position is merely that the Senate should re-approve the same bill it already passed 100–0.

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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