Where is your member of Congress?

Nebraska’s Congressional delegation isn’t holding any town hall meetings during their current vacation.

Jeff Fortenberry is in India on a special interest financed junket. Deb Fischer will address a right wing special interest group today at 129 North 10th Street at 12:30 PM. A protest is scheduled for then since Fischer won’t address her constituents. There haven’t been any sightings of Ben Sasse and Adrian Smith.

New CD02 Congressman Don Bacon has admitted that he is in hiding despite the fact he promised regular town hall meetings when he ran for Congress last year. Bacon insulted nearly half of last year’s voters in CD02 when he told the OWH: “It doesn’t make sense that you would allow the fringe to take over a town hall.”

Nebraska voters have legitimate concerns in light of the fact that the GOP will be trying to ram through an extreme agenda this year that is only supported by a minority of the voters. The GOP has yet to coalesce behind a consensus ACA replacement plan since the plans they have introduced before would insure millions fewer people than the ACA. Moreover, deficit financed tax cuts for the rich are on the table.

I can understand why our members of Congress are reluctant to meet with their constituents in light of their so-called “accomplishments” thus far. They have all voted to add $9 trillion to the national debt. Our five members of Congress even voted to make it easier for mentally ill people to get guns!

All of this tells me is that our opposition is working. Keep up the pressure! Keep calling!

Deb Fischer 402–441–4600
Ben Sasse 402–476–1400
Jeff Fortenberry 402–438–1598

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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