Why Would Anybody Want The GOP Back In Charge?

President Biden is off to a strong start since he was sworn in on January 20. Since Biden has taken office, his administration has increased the number of daily vaccinations from 900,000 to 2.9 million. In addition, nearly 60% of the 55 million Americans over 65 now have at least their first COVID shot done. Six weeks ago, it was only 8%.

President Biden said: “We’re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May.” This had advanced the expected timeline by 60 days.

We are also seeing improvement on the economic front. In February, businesses added 379,000 jobs, adding fuel to renewed growth as the pandemic recedes. As a comparison, the economy created 200,000 jobs per month during Clinton and Obama’s second terms. The unemployment rate declined to 6.2%. In contrast, in the spring of 2020, unemployment was as high as 15%.

According to Moody’s, Biden’s Covid Relief bill would provide a big boost to the economy. According to Yahoo News: “The U.S. job market would recover to its pre-pandemic levels by fall of 2022 if President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion rescue plan is implemented, according to new estimates by Moody’s Analytics. That would be an entire year sooner than if no more relief is passed.”

Once passed, the American Rescue plan will not only kick off an economic boom, it will also cut child poverty in half. That is a BFD.

Prominent presidential historian Michael Beschloss tweeted: “Anyone still saying it doesn’t really matter who is President of the United States?”

Since President Biden has been inaugurated, the GOP is proving once again that it’s totally unfit to govern.

While the country is suffering through the worst pandemic since 1918 and the worst economy since the Great Depression, the GOP wants us to get outraged over children’s books and toys. You can’t make this stuff up it’s so absurd.

The GOP wants us all to get mad about a decision made by a private business. Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the business that manages the legacy of the late children’s book author, decided of its own accord to stop publishing six Seuss books. It wasn’t Biden or the Congressional Democrats. Nobody outlawed Dr. Seuss. A private company decided to cease publishing six books out of a catalog that contains dozens.

The GOP also wants us to get mad about Mr. Potato Head going gender neutral while over 2,000 Americans die every day from Covid-19. The GOP has some pretty bizarre priorities.

Apparently, this culture war has generated good ratings on Fox News and the right wing media. Anymore, the D.C. Republicans would prefer to take their cues from right wing media rather than solve problems. Performing on Fox News is more important to the D.C. Republicans than legislating.

The consequences of the GOP’s lack of interest in governing resulted in a catastrophe last month in Texas. In the Lone Star State, a GOP engineered deregulation of the electrical grid crashed and burned. This miserable failure of GOP governance literally left millions in the cold and without running water. The incompetence of the Texas Republicans cost 23 lives.

In Texas and Mississippi, GOP governors are putting even more lives in danger by declaring “mission accomplished” and prematurely ending mask mandates. Their only hope is that Biden’s accelerated vaccine rollout will save themselves from their own idiocy.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., every Congressional Republican has voted against vaccine distribution and money to re-open schools. These same Republicans even voted to defund the police! The D.C. Republicans are invested in the failure of the American people and the Biden presidency.

Over on the Senate side, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) demanded that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan be read on the floor of the Senate by staffers. Johnson didn’t do any of the reading himself and he left the floor during the reading.

Republican politicians are doing everything they can to delay vaccination funding, $1400 checks, and other relief for people who need it. @jonfavss

Does anybody think the GOP is fit to govern in these difficult times? Does anybody think the GOP could organize a two car funeral? Are you f*cking kidding me?

The Republicans are the party of the rich, sabotage, mass unemployment, mass illness, mass death and violence.

The Republicans will always be the party of Donald Trump. We must never let the voters forget that. History matters. Now let’s get it done!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.