Will Trump Finish His Term?

A recent Washington Post poll indicated brutal numbers for Donald Trump. This poll gave Trump a 36% approval rating, with 60% who disapprove. Moreover, 53% disapproved Trump strongly. At the same time, a Fox News poll gave the Democrats an 11 point lead in the generic polling for control of Congress. It is widely expected that the Democrats will regain control of the House this fall.

These brutal numbers for Trump follow a wave of bad news for him. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty of 8 counts by a jury. On the very same day, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts of tax evasion, making false statements to a bank and campaign finance violations. Moreover, Cohen testified in court that he committed the campaign-finance violations “at the direction of the candidate” and with the “purpose of influencing the election.”

What this means is that Trump is essentially an un-indicted co-conspirator. In most cases like this one, prosecutors would soon file charges against Trump himself. This would probably explain Trump’s recent bizarre and unhinged behavior.

While all of this has happened, Trump has tightened his grip on the Republican Party. In primary elections this year so far, Trump loyalists have generally prevailed. Moreover, most GOP members of Congress faithfully vote with Trump 95% of the time or more. A few members like Ben Sasse have occasionally posted sad tweets mildly critical of Trump while continuing to support his agenda.

Trump is an historically unpopular president who has been propped up by the right wing media, the reactionary billionaires who fund the GOP and the economy. If one or more of these factors should disappear, Trump could be in serious political trouble.

If the GOP suffers a catastrophic loss in the 2018 elections and/or the Mueller report is very damning, Trump’s grip on power could be loosened. If the billionaires and Fox News perceive another catastrophic loss for the GOP in 2020, they very well could pull the plug on Trump.

The right wing media is very, very powerful with the base of the GOP party. For example, they have turned a Russia hating party into one that supports Russia. A concerted media blitz by the right wing media acting in coordination with the GOP oligarchs could force Trump’s resignation before 2020. The reactionary billionaires will do anything to protect their tax cuts, corporate welfare and regulatory breaks.

If Trump is forced to resign, please be careful what you wish for. Vice President Mike Pence is very close to the Koch brothers and would dutifully carry out the agenda of the GOP oligarchs. In addition, Pence is a close ally of the Christian right faction of the GOP.

The thing that makes Pence especially scary is that he is a very good liar. He lied all the way through the 2016 vice-presidential debate with Tim Kaine but the mainstream media scored it as a win for Pence because they act as theater critics and don’t do substance. The mainstream media would most likely give Pence an undeserved honeymoon period.

If Trump should resign, the GOP would never mention him again and try to get people to forget he was ever president. They successfully pulled this trick off with George W. Bush. The disastrous Bush presidency should have finished off the GOP for decades like the Hoover presidency did but we Democrats allowed the voters to forget about Bush. You can’t find a single Republican today who will ever admit that they supported Bush. We can’t let this happen again.

The bottom line is that we can’t count on Robert Mueller and the media to save us from Donald Trump. The ONLY check and balance on Trump and the rubber stamp GOP Congress is the Democratic Party. We need to win this election to restore democracy and the rule of law in America. Now let’s get it done!

I’m a trial lawyer, a Democratic activist and a sports fan.

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